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External Wall Insulation and Rendering Systems in the East Midlands

traditional and heritage renders in NOTTINGHAM

Traditional Renders

Traditional renders also known as sand and cement are the older style renders used.  We use a quality controlled pre-bagged render providing an excellent finish.  It can be applied by machine or by hand and is quicker and less messy than the traditional method.  Cement rendering is an application of a sand and cement mixture being applied to brick, cement, stone or even mud bricks.  Once applied it can be textured, coloured or painted.  Depending on the client requirements it can be applied fine or coarse, textured or smooth, natural coloured, pigmented or painted.

Heritage Renders

The East Midlands has some lovely properties which from time to time need some love and care.  Due to the original substrate, normally brick with lime mortar joints, a lime based render system would need to be used to prevent damage to the surface of the brick and mortar joints.  In addition these buildings need to be able to breathe allowing moisture to escape from inside to prevent mould appearing on the inside of the property.   These renders are available in a number of pre-coloured finishes to give the home its unique finish.

We are able to help with the planning department and conversation officers within the council to ensure that they are fully aware of the products we are to use and to ensure a smooth planning process where one is required.  

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