Rendering Systems and Machine Plastering

Covering a Variety of RENDERing Techniques in Southwell, Nottinghamshire

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A flawless rendering job is absolutely crucial for all our projects. When you turn to the professionals at WPS Plastering Contractors, you can rest assured that our team have the skills and expertise to deliver all the domestic and commercial rendering services that you need.  We serve the areas of Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, Lincoln and surrounding areas.


There are many forms of rendering available on the market including sand and cement, silicone renders, scratch/Monocouche/K-Rend and heritage renders that are suitable for most buildings.  Each type of render is suitable for different building types.  Call us today to discuss your options.

 Scratch/Monocouche/K-Rend Render

This is a mineral based render of sand and cement which is pre-coloured eliminating the need to re-paint.  Applied around 16mm thick on completion in two passes, this type of render can be applied to look smooth or rough depending on your requirements.  Depending on the wall a basecoat may need to be applied.

 Sand and cement

A render which will require colouring using a masonry paint.  It is recommended that this type of render is coloured every 5-10 years to keep the render looking fresh.

 Thin Coat Renders

This render is thinner at around 10mm thick finished.  Applied over a number of stages, including a fully meshed system, a variety of finishes can be applied to create different feel.  These type of renders are polymer based which is flexible to help reduce cracking as well as being breathable.  The finishes available are;

 Silicone/Acrylic - this is a pre-coloured finish which can be supplied in any colour the client likes.  There are a variety of aggregate finishes from 1mm to 3mm giving a feel of smooth to rough finishes. The technology within this product repels dirt, pollution and algae helping to keep the render looking newer for longer..

 Brick Effect - this is applied in two layers to give an impression of brick when complete.  A variety of colours are available to help match existing bricks.

 Brick Slips - in most cases we are able match any brick which are then stuck onto the walls to match it in with existing bricks on a building or in the nearby area

> Stone - our renders are able to mimic stone including any ashlar details requested.

 Heritage Renders

For those buildings which require a breathable sympathetic render that doesn't damage the old bricks but allows the building to breathe and in most cases a coloured finish is available to reduce maintenance.

CONTACT us now, in Southwell, Nottinghamshire, to find out more about our plastering services, which include machine plastering.

WPS Plastering Contractors

Plastering by Machine

Spray machine plastering is where our team use a plastering machine to apply the plaster directly to blockwork, uneven in-situ concrete, or thin-joint blockwork. Once applied, the plaster is trowel finished to provide a smooth and high-quality finish. This method is ideal for larger projects, and due to the capacity that can be completed in one day, the method can reduce the time required onsite, helping to meet those project deadlines. By using these plastering machines, we are able to fulfil contracts from small jobs to large projects.

A Professional Approach

The team of plasterers at WPS Plastering Contractors are professional at all times, ensuring that our working area, and the areas that we need to operate in, are fully protected, clean, and tidy throughout. This ensures minimal disruption while work is being carried out.