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Permarock ICF Silicone Render


Are you happy with the appearance of your home?

Do you wish you could update the look of your home?

Are you having an extension or building a new home?

Have you ever thought of having a coloured render system applied? Rendering the outside of your home can 
transform its look to make it modern, traditional or cottage feel. With a large range of coloured finishes available or even a brick finish the choices are endless.

There is a rendering system that can be applied to most wall types helping you to have the right finish and style for your home. For any home that is having an extension you are not constrained to having it built in the traditional brick or block but steel or timber frame structures work well for the rendering system.

So whether you are having an extension, building a new home or just wanting to improve the appearance of the home you already have rendering the outside can really transform your home and make it the jewel of the street.

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The two main types of render available are a scratch render system (also known as Monocouche) and a thin coat render system which can have either an acrylic, silicone, dash or brick finish.

Scratch Renders are a cement based product which are applied thickly and then scratched back to get the final finish. These are all pre-coloured reducing the need for maintenance in the future.

Thin Coat Render Systems are a multi-layered system which is applied thinner than a scratch render.
The finishes available for these renders are pre-coloured top coats, 
brick or stone effects.

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