WPS Plastering Contractors Ltd

External Wall Insulation and Rendering Systems in the East Midlands



Edge 2 Development, Lincoln

A collection of newly built bungalows and houses in the heart of the Lincolnshire countryside.

Client: Gusto Homes

Main Contractor: Gusto Homes

Brief: to apply thin coat render with silicone finish onto render board for the bungalows and blockwork for the houses.

Specification: We used Baumit's silicone render only system for both the bungalows and houses finishing them in an off white


Private House, Heage, Derbyshire

A redevelopment of an existing house and gardens (a grand design type property)

Client: Private

Brief: to render the house, garages and retaining walls in the garden

Specification: using Alsecco's Flexewall Render Only system we completed this using silicone finish in grey white


Private House, Leicestershire

A regeneration and redevelopment of a stunning property in the Leicestershire countryside (a grand design type property)

Client: Private

Brief: to apply silicone render to all the walls of the new extension and all garden walls and water feature.  We also completed all the internal plastering on this project

Specification: we used Permarock's Render Only system finishing in white using Silicone.  The water feature used Mapei's waterproofing system.


Hugglescote Apartments, Leicestershire

A conversion of a 16th century public house into apartments with new build houses in the original car park (a grand design type property)

Client: Private

Brief: to render the original 16th and 18th century public house to bring it up to date

Specification: the original render was removed and a lot of work had to be completed to level the building prior to applying Parex render in a fine White silicone finish.

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