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Floor Screeding

We install the latest in liquid floor screeding and thin topping screeds for both the commercial and residential buildings covering Nottinghamshire and the surrounding areas.  

We offer fast setting and quick drying screed solutions that keep your project on track.  Pump application ensures a fast flow of materials is delivered to the area quickly and consistently.  Once laid, the floor can take foot traffic as quickly as 2 hours, and floor coverings such as tiling can be laid in as little as 24 hours.

The floor screed is laitance free formula which means that no further preparation is required prior to tiling or receiving other bonded floor coverings.

By using a pump application we can ensure a fast flow of material which is delivered to the area quickly and consistently.

Liquid floor screeds are suitable for both new and existing floors which can be laid from 5mm up to 50mm in a single pour, perfect for renovation projects where walls have been removed and a difference in floor heights  have been uncovered.  We ensure that our screed will be laid and will set level once completed.

If extending your home we offer the thinnest possible floating screed at just 25mm over insulation or 32mm for under floor heating.

Liquid floor screeds offer fast setting and quick drying solutions reducing down time compared to more traditional screeds.  Liquid floor screeds can allow foot traffic from as little as 2 hours with floor coverings like tiling can be put down in as little as 24 hours.  The laitance free formula means there is no need to to sand the floor prior to applying floor coverings saving time on a project.

Liquid floor screeds are suitable for all types of underfloor heating, with a high quality finish ensures no further preparation is needed for any types of floors.

Residential screeds can be installed between 5mm and 80mm which is perfect for renovation projects, including extending your home.  The screed can be applied over insulation  or over under floor heating.

Low Profile under floor heating is suitable for both retrofit to an existing floor and for upstairs rooms.  Full system thicknesses can be applied between 18mm and 22mm which is fast becoming a must for new builds and renovation projects.

Weber screeds offers a range of screeds no matter the base, Nu-Heat is an underflooring company that requires screeds to be applied once the pipework has been laid.  Both offer quick drying times.  Click for more details.

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Rendering Process

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