Rendering Garden Walls Leicestershire

Project - Rendering Garden Walls in Leicestershire

Our brief was to render a number of garden walls to create a Mediterranean feel to the property. 

We like a challenge when a client asks us to create their vision.  In this instance it was to create a Mediterranean feel to the garden within the Leicestershire countryside.  We were asked to use a silicone render system which needed to not only cover the side of the walls but the tops of the walls.  As render is not traditionally used on the horizontal plane due to discolouration and staining we needed to create an angle which allowed the water to run off towards the outside of the walls (i.e. those walls which were not facing the house).  This ensured that at least one side of the walls kept cleaner than the other.

In addition we also needed to render three large planters which all needed to be rendered externally and internally.  Here we used a waterproofing product to keep the render from blowing once the planters were in use.  We also used this waterproofing product on the water feature which we also rendered.

The colour we used on all the walls was a brilliant white which contrasts really well with the olive trees in the planters and the grey decking area.  The effect of the render really takes you to the Mediterranean gardens.