Baumit | Silicone Render | Leicestershire | Melton Mowbray

Project - Baumit Silicone Render System Leicestershire

Our client was building his new home in the Leicestershire countryside and he wanted a clean white finish to his property that has sharp finishes and looked modern and sleek.  Our first meeting was to discuss the type of renders on the market and how they would look and feel when applied to the walls.  We also discussed how the render would be finished at ground level, roof and windows and doors.

Our client choose Baumit's brilliant white silicone render system for his new home along with all the relevant beads that would produce the clean and sleek lines he was after.  Once applied and now that the property if fully complete along with the outside wall to the patio this truly is a modern and sleek home that provides our client with his own Grand Design.