How to Choose a Colour for Your Home

Choosing the right render is daunting, here are some helpful hints and tips to help with choosing that colour.

Choosing a colour for your home can be quite daunting especially when there are over 2,000 colours to choose from.  However there are some clever little tricks that will help you to reduce the colour range down further so that you are getting the colour you want.

By looking at the colour of your window frames, doors, tiles on the roof and any areas that are not going to be rendered this may help to narrow down your choice.

For instance if you have slate roof tiles, grey window frames then an white to off white will work really well with these.  Where you have timber cladding or brick showing then a warmer colour of creams works really well with these.  Where you have a white window frame then a white is a good choice.  Of course you could always go for a contrasting colour altogether and opt for colours which are brilliant, vibrant or even grey to black.

When choosing your colour don't just choose from a colour chart.  Ask for samples which we will provide for you.  We ask that you limit your choice to no more than 4 colours.  The samples will be sent out and you can place these up against your windows and doors and against any areas that are not getting rendered to ensure you are happy with the choice.

When choosing any colour from the off white to cream range that you place these samples up on each wall at various times of the day and especially when it is sunny.  The reason for this is that when the sun glances down the render it will change colour slightly.  For example, a sample with a pink hue in it will look white for most of the day, however, for around 30 minutes it will show up that pink hue more.

Take your time when choosing a colour and don't feel rushed as once this is on its on for some time.