How is External Wall Insulation Installed?

How is External Wall Insulation Installed?

How is External Wall Insulation Installed? This is a question we are asked by most of our clients as they want to understand how this is going to impact their daily

life whilst the installation is taking place.

1.  Firstly, we will be preparing the areas that are to be insulated. This includes the covering down of windows and doors, adjourning areas that are not be insulated/rendered and starting to apply the beads required prior to the insulation being installed. At this stage the scaffolding will be erected if that hasn’t already been done prior to us starting and we will also receive the delivery of materials required.

2.  The insulation boards are stuck onto all the walls that require the insulation.

3.  The insulation boards are mechanically fixed back to the boards. When this is to happen we advice all our customers to remove all valuable and sentimental items away from walls or shelves that could be damaged from vibration from the drilling that will take place. We also advice that if possible that you pop out as it can be very noisy whilst this is being completed.

4.  All other beads required for the project are applied to the areas required.

5.  The basecoat is applied with a mesh embedded in. The mesh gives the strength to the system.

6.  A further basecoat is applied.

7.  For coloured render finishes a primer is applied prior to the final colour being applied.

8.  For brick slips the slips are applied onto a frame prior to the mortar joints being added.

9.  Finally we complete a clean up, remove all coverings from windows and doors.

It seems a few simple steps but of course the length of time that this takes will depend on the amount of work required. At each stage a day maybe required for walls
to dry prior to the next stage being applied.

So how is External Wall Insulation applied? In multiple stages.