How Do I Change the Look of My Bungalow?

How Do I Change the Look of My Bungalow

Can you change the look and feel of a bungalow by using render?  The simple answer to this is yes of course you can.

Coloured render systems offer homeowners the opportunity to update the look and feel of their bungalow without the ongoing maintenance costs involved in other types of renders on the market.  Renders also provide a weather protection to your home especially where bricks are not working as efficiently as they could.

Where you have no cavity in your walls and only classed as a single brick property this is the ideal opportunity to add external insulation to the outside walls prior to rendering them to reduce heat loss from your bungalow.

Lastly, renders give curb appeal and can ensure your home stands out for all the right reasons on the street.

Our gallery of projects that we have completed are a combination of different types of renders;

1.  Monocouche or K-Rend - these renders are through coloured renders and are great way of providing a lovely finish to your home.  The choice of colours is slightly limited but most clients can easily choose from the colour range on offer. 

2.  Silicone Renders - these renders can go on slightly thinner than the monocouche render but these are more flexible renders which allows the building to move slightly and cracking is reduced.  The colour range on these is endless which allows you as a client to really define the colour you would like.

3.  Insulated Render Systems - also known as External Wall Insulation - these renders insulate your bungalow on the outside prior to applying a silicone render over the top.  These are ideal where you only have a single brick between your home and the outside world.

Whatever you choose these systems are ideal for existing homes as well as new builds.

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