How Can I make My Home Warmer?

How Can I make My Home Warmer?

The Problem

Most homes built before 1950 are of single brick construction and are extremely inefficient in keeping the homes warm.  It is estimated that around 35% of the heat is lost through these walls to the outside world making heating your home very costly.

The Solution

By placing insulation on the outside of your home its like adding a thick blanket around the home which will keep the heat inside and the cold out.  The insulation works by allowing the heat from the home to heat the bricks (the original part of the home) as well as the inside and then for that heat to be transferred back into the home and not outside into the world.

The insulation is made of either mineral fibre, or EPS (expanded polystyrene insulation) which stops the heat from escaping and keeping it in the home.  Most clients we have had have stated that they have saved on average 40% on their heating bills and even having to learn how to use thermostats, radiator valves and timers as they don't need the heating on all day everyday.

Installing External Wall Insulation can be quite costly and you will need to look at the potential savings each year versus the upfront cost, however, the benefit of having it is that you and your family are warmer in a home that you love.