SPS Envirowall | External wall insulation | Silicone Render | Littleover | Derby

Project - External Wall Insulation - Littleover Derby

Our brief was to install external wall insulation to this bungalow in Littleover, Derby

A lovely couple who got in touch as they wanted to make their bungalow warmer by installing external wall insulation.  Their only stipulation was that they wanted to keep as much of the features as they could especially on the front.

We needed to provide a solution to keep the archway at the front door and the rosemary tiled window sills.  We also needed to consider the boiler flue and outside meter boxes.

After lengthy discussions with the clients we agreed that we would replace the rosemary tiles with red powdee coated window sills as the original tiles would be embedded in the insulation and we would keep the porch detail by chamfering the insulation back to the brick detail leaving this exposed.  Though we were losing some if the thickness we were not impacting on the overall warmth of the bungalow.

Once complete the bungalow from the roadside didn't look any different but the clients benefit from the insulation.

For this project we used 90mm EPS insulation with an silicone finish by SPS Envirowall.