Coronavirus Update and Keeping our Customers Safe

20/06/2020 - As we come out of lockdown from Covid-19 we at WPS Plastering Contractors Ltd are starting to get ourselves back up and running.  This is challenging for the type of work we do but we are limiting the staff on site and ensuring we are keeping everyone safe when working.

We continue to take new enquiries from clients at this time though we will not be completing initial site visits and ask that our clients either send plans through via email or to take photos of all areas that require rendering/insulating and for a measurement of each height and width of these elevations.  Where possible if you can also take measurements of the windows and doors that would really ensure that we are providing you with the best price possible.  If you require any help or would just like to discuss your project in detail please give the office a call on 01636 358827 and we will be able to help as best we can.  That just leaves me to say stay safe and we will see you on the other side.  Andy and Claire