Can I still insulate my home now that the Green Homes Grant has been Axed?

Can I still insulate my home now that the Green Homes Grant has been Axed?

ON 31 March 2021 the UK Government's Green Homes Grant Comes to an End

On 27 March 2021 the UK Government announced that the Green Homes Grant will be closing to all new applicants from 31 March 2021.

The Green Homes Grant was introduced in September 2020 to incentives home owners to improve the energy efficiency of their homes.  The construction industry scrambled to get certified and eligible to offer the scheme in their areas and were quickly taking many enquiries from clients to have their homes insulated among many other measures.  We at WPS Plastering Contractors Ltd were quick to mobilise on this and were certified by November 2020.  We had many clients waiting for quotes which we started to complete as fast as we could with plenty more clients ringing and emailing on a daily basis.  The scheme would provide two thirds of the cost for the energy efficiency measure up to the value of £5,000 or £10,000 depending on circumstances.  Many clients have jumped at the chance to make their homes warmer and have been struggling to find installers to get the work done.  That coupled with the fact that vouchers have taken months to be issued the scheme has had a lot of teething problems.  Of course providing quotes has also been challenging in the middle of a pandemic but quotes have been sent, vouchers applied for and in some cases work completed.

With the imminent closure of the scheme, those that have already applied for their voucher will be reviewed and vouchers given out where they meet the criteria.  The work has still to be completed by March 2022 when the original scheme was to close.  Anyone who has not got a claim in will no longer be able to claim through this process.

Where does that leave me?

Well that depends.  If you are a low income family of less than £30,000 a year you can apply through your local Council schemes who will be able to provide vouchers for the work to be done.  As yet I am not sure how this going to work but I am trying to find out and will let you know once I have more information.

Those that are over this threshold can still have the work done but will be liable for the full cost of the project.  We know this is not ideal and that losing this valuable incentive is a blow but if you are still interested in insulating your home we are more than happy to help you achieve this.