Silicone Render System | Barrow Upon Sour | Leicestershire

Project – Sto Render at Hall Orchard Primary School Barrow Upon Sour

Sto Silicone render system was applied to a new extension and walls at Hall Orchard Primary School, Barrow Upon Sour, Leicestershire.  As part of the improvement programme at the school, we worked with Tanwood Construction to render two new classroom extensions at the site.  The extensions were built in blockwork and were already well insulated allowing us to apply a render only silicone render to the external walls.  As with the other phases of this project we have used a white silicone finish with grey silicone accents to all external walls of the classrooms.

External garden walls were also constructed within the same area within the playground which were also built in blockwork and we have rendered these in Sto's silicone render system finishing in a white silicone finish.

The school improvement programme is progressing well and really has bought the school up to date.  For all your commercial projects please call 01636 359927 to discuss your requirements in more detail.