ICF Passiv House with Alsecco Silicone Render

Project - Insulated Render onto ICF Passiv House

Our brief was to help create a Passiv House within the Lincolnshire countryside

A self builder approached Andy and I to help him achieve his Passiv House that he was building.  He was building the structure of the house using ICF (Insulated Concrete Form), which he wanted to further insulate the outside of the building to improve the energy efficiency to its maximum.

Using Alsecco's External Wall Insulation Silicone Render system we installed the required thickness of insulation throughout the property's external walls prior to rendering the property and finishing off using a yellow silicone finish.  We needed to ensure that thermal bridging or heat loss especially around the windows and doors were also minimised by taking our insulation onto the frame of the windows and doors to help reduce all heat loss.

We also insulated and rendered below DPC (damp protection course) to improve the overall finish as well as creating further insulation at ground level.

This is truly a bright and colourful property which is now Passiv.

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