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Project - Heritage Render System Hugglescote

Our brief was to render a 1600s public house.

A 1600s public house with an 1800s extension was being converted into flats within the village of Hugglescote, Leicestershire.  The property had been rendered some years ago in sand and cement and this has greatly failed.  The client had this render removed which exposed very poor brick work which had many undulations.  As the property was so old this required a breathable render system to be applied which would work with the old bricks and mortar and allow the building to breathe ensuring that no further mould issues internally.

Due to the large undulations in the building we required to apply a number of base coat layers to the building to bring the building level prior to applying a silicone 1.5mm finish in white.  This brought the two buildings into one cohesive building as well as bringing it up to date.

These type of projects are always a good project to be involved in as the transformation from the old to the new look is astounding and really benefits the street scape.