Silicone Render System | Permarock | Leicestershire

Project - Residential Silicone Render System and Internal Plastering

Our brief was to render a contemporary extension to a stone cottage and to complete the internal plastering

Andy and I always like to work on bespoke properties which are unique not only in its appearance but also challenge us to find solutions that meets our clients requirements and expectations.  This was no exception when we received the plans for this beautiful stone cottage which was to have a contemporary extension which would not only compliment the cottage but also contrast.  The white rendered finish to this extension was to give the modern sleek look without detracting from the beauty of the stone cottage that would sit in front of it.

The client had already chosen Permarock's Silicone Render system as his preferred material and we worked with Permarock and the client to ensure that the right product was used throughout.  The brief was to render the extension, with the stipulation that no window frames would be visible from the outside once completed.  As the extension was to look sleek and modern, clean lines throughout were required.  By using the picture framing of beads throughout we were able to ensure that this was achieved at all junctions, windows, doors and corners.

The brief was extended to the many external garden walls, outside kitchen and pool areas which were all rendered in the same silicone render system.  Two water features were also required to be rendered including under the water line.  Permarock's render system was used up to the water line with Mapei's water based render used under the water line in these instances all in the same white finish.

In addition we also took on the internal plastering works for this project which included boarding and skimming throughout the stone cottage and extension areas.  The client asked for all the window frames to be hidden by the plaster internally as well which we were able to locate and use a specialised bead to achieve the clean line and finish the client was after.  A curved staircase internally was plastered and the lounge had some ceiling lights which were required to be plastered in to make them look part of the ceiling and not a light fitting.

All rooms would have hidden tracking for the curtains or blinds and all these areas needed to be boarded and skimmed.  Due to the type of lighting systems used throughout the property all walls and ceilings needed to be of a polished finish to ensure that no undulations where noticeable on completion.

We were lucky enough to revisit the property when the full transformation had been completed and were amazed at the quality of the finish and the grandeur of the property.  This was a pleasure to work on and I always say a grand design property.

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