Alsecco | Silicone Render | Leicestershire

Project - Winstanley Community College, Leicestershire

Our brief was to render one wall within a new swimming pool area of this college.

Following a fire at the swimming pool complex at Winstanley College, Leicestershire, extensive work was conducted to upgrade the swimming pool complex as well as restoring fire damage to other parts of the college.  The work was carried out by Tanwood Construction Ltd who asked us to render one wall within the swimming pool area which needed to be blue in colour.

We needed to ensure that the render we used would be able to withstand the heat of the swimming pool area as well as being something that would withstand impact and knocks from users walking past the wall.

We agreed to use Alsecco's silicone thin coat render system finishing in a light blue colour which created a bright wall of interest in the complex as well as keeping clean due to the silicone finish and this system would be able to withstand the heat from the complex.