10 Benefits of External Wall Insulation

10 Benefits of Having External Wall Insulation

Deciding to have External Wall Insulation fitted is a big decision as the installation costs can seem quite high.  This quick guide provides the top 10 benefits of having External Wall Insulation fitted in your home.

1.  Reduces your energy bills by up to 40%

The insulation acts like a barrier stopping the heat from your home escaping to the outside and heating the air and not you. The original walls of your building will act like a storage heater so that the heat is sent back into your home and will keep you warmer for longer. This in turn will ensure your heating is not as long as it is now which can mean up to a 40% decrease in your energy bills.

When asking some previous clients about their energy consumption they said that they have had to turn the boiler temperature down, make sure the thermostats on the radiators are working and have had the heating on for less throughout the day. Most have said they have seen a 40% decrease in their energy bills which can amount to around £455 per year.

2.  Reduces damp and condensation

Condensation occurs when hot air comes into contact with cold walls. By placing the insulation on the outside of your home, it moves the point where the cold air
meets the warm outside of the house. Therefore, this vastly reduces the problem of condensation within a room and home. In turn this also improves the indoor air quality.

3.  Living spaces become more comfortable

When losing heat through the walls it causes damp which in turn leads to paints and plaster from degrading, wallpaper peeling off and potentially the development of mould. Unfortunately, in some instances where damp is found within a home it can contribute to respiratory problems. Having a properly insulated homes reduces these
effects and improves your family’s health.

4.  Keeping your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer

By having insulation on the outside of your home it not only ensures that your home stays warmer in the winter, but also protects it from gaining too much heat in the summer. External Wall Insulation ensures that the heat produced by your heating system remains within the building, while also stopping the cold air getting in. In the summer months the reverse is true. The walls can not absorb the heat from the sun so it keeps the heat out.

5.  Saves on floor space as the insulation is placed on the outside of the building

One of the benefits from having External Wall Insulation fitted is the fact that no floor space inside your home is reduced as all the thickness is on the outside. By placing the insulation on the outside it is like adding a big puffer jacket to your home keeping you warm in those cold winter months.

6.  Low disruption whilst the works are being completed

Disruption to you and your home whilst the insulation is installed is minimised and can be quicker than other insulation methods. As a team we will be working on the outside of your home insulating and adding the finish coats, allowing you to continue with your family life with minimal disruption.

7.  Reduces your homes carbon footprint

Following the installation of External Wall Insulation you will notice that your heating is not on as long which in turn will reduce your carbon footprint on the environment.

8.  Reduces noise levels from the outside

Noise pollution penetrating into your home can be bad for your mental health and wellbeing. External Wall Insulation, insulates your home and can reduce the noise from the outside being heard inside.

9.  Protects the walls of your home to increase its lifespan

External Wall Insulation protects your home from the weather by protecting it from damage from what the UK weather can produce. 

10.  Changes the appearance of your home giving you that Grand Design feel

External Wall Insulation provides a number of finishes that you can choose from including coloured finishes, brick and stone effects.

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