​Can I externally insulate some walls of my home and not others?

Can I externally insulate some walls of my home and not others?

The answer to this is you should insulate all your home.

If your homes is made of single brick (i.e. no cavities) then it is highly recommended by the Energy Savings Trust and OfGem to insulate all walls.

If your home is combination of single brick and cavity wall then it states that the external insulation needs to be placed on the single brick walls and to ensure that the cavity is either filled or blocked and external wall insulation installed instead.

What happens if I don’t Insulate All Walls?

By not insulating all the walls on a home, you are not getting the full benefit of having External Wall Insulation installed on your home. The insulated walls though will
work they will not work as effectively.  The heat from your home will take the path of least resistance in escaping so will use the uninsulated walls to escape.

As the cold and the warm air meet this can create moisture problems like mould and damp. In addition, where the insulated wall meets an uninsulated wall, the moisture problems will be more prevalent causing mould and damp on the internal corners of your rooms internally.

Insulating All Walls

By insulating all your walls whether this is all externally, internally, cavity or a hybrid of these then this will give you as a homeowner the most effective and efficient way of keeping your home warm and ultimately reducing your heating bills. From our past customers this has been as much as 40%.