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ABOUT WPS Plastering Contractors

Permarock External Wall Insulation

Everyone wants to have their dream grand design home, but getting the right team to deliver that dream is not always easy. With more than 20 years of experience within the construction industry, we are well-placed to understand all aspects of your home. This allows us to provide a full consultancy package that ensures when the render is applied, it is providing the final “wow” factor to any home.  Working within Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, Lincoln and surrounding areas we will work closely with you throughout your project.

A Truly Tailored Service

The WPS Plastering Contractors team will take the time to sit with you to fully understand the vision you have for your home, taking notes throughout and advising on elements that impact on the render system, such as windows and doors. The best time for us to get involved is in the early stages of the project, so that you have a full understanding of what is required prior to the render being applied. It also means that we can ensure the finish is exactly what you want and advise on when the rendering needs to be completed within the project’s programme.

If your project has already begun, and is well on its way to completion, do not worry. We are always happy to discuss any project and advise on rendering requirements no matter how late you bring us in. Just give our friendly team a call to discuss your needs further.

CONTACT us now, in Nottingham,  to receive more information about the services provided by our RENDERERS.