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Alsecco Silicone Render


Are you looking at having an extension done, or even going that extra mile and building your dream home or are you fed up of being the ugliest house on the street and want it to become a lovely home with great curb appeal?

Having render installed on the outside of your home can transform its look, its curb appeal and can make it look modern, traditional, or even a cottage feel. You are able to choose any colour you would like, or even have a brick slip finish.

The right render system can be applied onto any type of wall type ensuring that you are getting the right system that will last years. Rendering systems we offer have minimal maintenance, they last years and keep their colour. The transformation really can be stunning and can turn an ugly house into a lovely home.

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External Wall Insulation Systems by WPS Plastering Contractors Ltd


Does your home always feel cold even with the heating on? Are your heating bills skyrocketing? Do you have mould on the inside of the home? 

Installing Insulation to the outside of your home can really make a huge difference not only to your bank balance but your wellbeing. Insulation works by stopping the heat from escaping through your walls into the atmosphere outside and pushing that heat back into the rooms keeping your rooms warmer for longer. This also reduces mould spores growing on your walls which will help with you and your family’s health.  

On average our customers state that they make savings of around 40% in their heating bills and with the ever increases from the energy companies this can really help families.  

The finish applied over the insulation can be in any colour or texture or even it can continue to be a brick finish as we can apply brick slips.

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Parex Silicone Render


The UK has some wonderful older buildings that many homeowners want to apply a render system.  However, more sensitive car e is needed to apply the right render system to these properties to not only preserve the bricks and mortar beneath the render but to also allow the building to continue to breathe and not cause mould and condensation.  

Lime based renders preserves the bricks and mortar beneath the render for many years to come and allows the building to breathe reducing mould and condensation and keeping you and your family healthy.  

These renders can be finished in any colour you would like as well as reducing the maintenance costs as the walls will not require re-colouring for many years.

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Quality Driven

We only use quality assured materials by trusted manufacturers and ensuring we work in accordance with best sustainability methods.

Efficient Plastering Contractors

High Efficiency

We work in an efficient manner to reduce waste, time on site and ultimately to help reduce other costs for our clients for example scaffolding to any other  works required to complete their project.

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We offer a client orientated service.  We are reliable, experienced practitioners committed to providing quality work and services.

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Future Proof

The construction industry is always evolving with new technologies and techniques to improve the application process and product longevity.  We endeavour to apply these to provide an even better product and service to our clients.

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Alsecco Silicone Render

About Us

When updating your home, adding an extension or building a brand new home, you will need to consider the finishes on the outside. Are you going with brick, stone or coloured render? Don’t worry the choices can seem endless but with a little knowledge you will be able to find the right finish for your home giving you that Grand Design’s feeling whenever you come home.

Our team can offer advice and guidance on the different types of renders on the market including insulating your home from the outside and the different finishes and colours available to you. Don’t feel worried about asking any question, Claire our Office Manager will be happy to answer any questions that you may
have to ensure you are happy with the choice that you are going to make.

Call for a chat and let’s ensure you have that fantastic 
home you have always dreamed about.


  • 12/04/2021 - WPS Plastering Contractors Ltd 0 Comments
    ​Can I externally insulate some walls of my home and not others?

    Can I externally insulate some walls of my home and not others?

    The answer to this is you should insulate all your home.

    If your homes is made of single brick (i.e. no cavities) then it is highly recommended by the Energy Savings Trust and OfGem to insulate all walls.

    If your home is combination of single brick and cavity wall then it states that the external insulation needs to be placed on the single brick walls and to ensure that the cavity is either filled or blocked and external wall insulation installed instead.

    What happens if I don’t Insulate All Walls?

    By not insulating all the walls on a home, you are not getting the full benefit of having External Wall Insulation installed on your home. The insulated walls though will
    work they will not work as effectively.  The heat from your home will take the path of least resistance in escaping so will use the uninsulated walls to escape.

    As the cold and the warm air meet this can create moisture problems like mould and damp. In addition, where the insulated wall meets an uninsulated wall, the moisture problems will be more prevalent causing mould and damp on the internal corners of your rooms internally.

    Insulating All Walls

    By insulating all your walls whether this is all externally, internally, cavity or a hybrid of these then this will give you as a homeowner the most effective and efficient way of keeping your home warm and ultimately reducing your heating bills. From our past customers this has been as much as 40%.

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  • How is External Wall Insulation Installed?
    04/04/2021 - WPS Plastering Contractors Ltd 0 Comments
    How is External Wall Insulation Installed?

    How is External Wall Insulation Installed? This is a question we are asked by most of our clients as they want to understand how this is going to impact their daily

    life whilst the installation is taking place.

    1.  Firstly, we will be preparing the areas that are to be insulated. This includes the covering down of windows and doors, adjourning areas that are not be insulated/rendered and starting to apply the beads required prior to the insulation being installed. At this stage the scaffolding will be erected if that hasn’t already been done prior to us starting and we will also receive the delivery of materials required.

    2.  The insulation boards are stuck onto all the walls that require the insulation.

    3.  The insulation boards are mechanically fixed back to the boards. When this is to happen we advice all our customers to remove all valuable and sentimental items away from walls or shelves that could be damaged from vibration from the drilling that will take place. We also advice that if possible that you pop out as it can be very noisy whilst this is being completed.

    4.  All other beads required for the project are applied to the areas required.

    5.  The basecoat is applied with a mesh embedded in. The mesh gives the strength to the system.

    6.  A further basecoat is applied.

    7.  For coloured render finishes a primer is applied prior to the final colour being applied.

    8.  For brick slips the slips are applied onto a frame prior to the mortar joints being added.

    9.  Finally we complete a clean up, remove all coverings from windows and doors.

    It seems a few simple steps but of course the length of time that this takes will depend on the amount of work required. At each stage a day maybe required for walls
    to dry prior to the next stage being applied.

    So how is External Wall Insulation applied? In multiple stages.

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  • Which Insulation is best to use on the outside of my home?
    02/04/2021 - WPS Plastering Contractors Ltd 0 Comments
    Which Insulation is best to use on the outside of my home?

    There are different insulations to use on the outside of your home, which one is best?

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  • 02/04/2021 - WPS Plastering Contractors Ltd 0 Comments
    How to Choose a Colour for Your Home

    Choosing the right render is daunting, here are some helpful hints and tips to help with choosing that colour.

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  • How Can I make My Home Warmer?
    01/04/2021 - WPS Plastering Contractors Ltd 0 Comments
    How Can I make My Home Warmer?

    The Problem

    Most homes built before 1950 are of single brick construction and are extremely inefficient in keeping the homes warm.  It is estimated that around 35% of the heat is lost through these walls to the outside world making heating your home very costly.

    The Solution

    By placing insulation on the outside of your home its like adding a thick blanket around the home which will keep the heat inside and the cold out.  The insulation works by allowing the heat from the home to heat the bricks (the original part of the home) as well as the inside and then for that heat to be transferred back into the home and not outside into the world.

    The insulation is made of either mineral fibre, or EPS (expanded polystyrene insulation) which stops the heat from escaping and keeping it in the home.  Most clients we have had have stated that they have saved on average 40% on their heating bills and even having to learn how to use thermostats, radiator valves and timers as they don't need the heating on all day everyday.

    Installing External Wall Insulation can be quite costly and you will need to look at the potential savings each year versus the upfront cost, however, the benefit of having it is that you and your family are warmer in a home that you love.

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  • Can I still insulate my home now that the Green Homes Grant has been Axed?
    28/03/2021 - WPS Plastering Contractors Ltd 0 Comments
    Can I still insulate my home now that the Green Homes Grant has been Axed?

    ON 31 March 2021 the UK Government's Green Homes Grant Comes to an End

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  • Top 10 Tips for Installing External Wall Insulation
    14/03/2019 - WPS Plastering Contractors Ltd 0 Comments
    Top 10 Tips for Installing External Wall Insulation

    Clearly, external wall insulation (EWI) has many positives; however, the fruits of these benefits are often overshadowed by EWI’s myths and misconceptions. To remove

    any grey areas, here are our top 10 tips.

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